Friday, August 16, 2013

Apple Tasting Picnic

Did you know October is national apple month? Neither did I! I love apples (my faves are Pink Ladies and Honeycrisp) but I know there are some non-apple loving people out there. My theory on them is that they have not yet met their "apple match". Sooo, to help them out I thought we should have an apple tasting picnic just in time for National Apple Month in October (I know-it's crazy to even think about October when we are still only in August...but the calendar has to be planned, so here we are!). If you're an apple lover, this picnic will be a tasty treat and maybe even a chance to try some new varieties :)

Here's the plan: the weekend before the party stop by the grocery store and check out those gorgeous apples. If you need some help ask the produce department for a recommendation (I was at Ralph's once and did this. Amazingly, the produce man pulled out a paring knife and cut open two varieties of fruit for me to try right there in the store!). Buy the apples of your choice and get ready for the picnic!

Apple tasting kindergarten worksheet
 Things to Share and Remember printable worksheet
I'd love for the kids to partake in the apple testing experience, so it would be great if we could have the apples precut before the picnic (you can squeeze some lemon juice on them to keep from browning on the way there). Share and Remember Blog made a great worksheet for the little ones to fill out while apple tasting that would be fun too use as well :)

 If your munchkins are a bit older, they may be able to help fill out these cute apple note cards. What a great sensory activity focusing on colors, textures, aromas, etc. (Wish I would have thought of this activity when I was still teaching!)

You may also want to make this Greek yogurt and Peanut Butter dip (scroll down to the last recipe idea to find how to make it), I know it sounds like an odd combo, but it is sooo good (and heathy!)

Can't wait to see you at the picnic!